The Life Solutions Network is a volunteer-driven network for volunteers and social service professionals who choose to serve our community by building the capability of people in need.

Volunteers choose the organizations they support; the Network then supports them with tools, ideas, personal mentoring and other resources.  Capability-building takes many forms, e.g. mentoring, financial and job coaching, life skills instruction, problem solving and much more.  We serve in our passion and grow personally as we serve.  Most of the people we serve are struggling with some aspect of life, e.g. poverty, financial distress, unemployment, illness.


Our Mission:

  • Grow the capability of people in need by inspiring and enabling volunteers and non-profit leaders to serve to their purpose, passion and potential.

Our Uniqueness:

  • We love volunteer development; we want you to serve to your purpose and potential and be the best volunteer (or professional) you can be, wherever you choose to serve.
  • A free, open-source life skills “wiki” is available for personal learning or in serving others. It is module-based and can be adapted to fit specific needs…informally or as a curriculum.  It is unique in the way skills are defined and learning paths presented with content such as one-point lessons.
  • We are a money-less organization and so there is no cost to you.

Click the file below to see our 2018 flyer:

Our Toolbox:

  • Our toolbox is divided into 3 categories:  Life Skills, Volunteer Solutions and Manage & Lead.  Some of the tools are on-line; others are available upon request.

Founder’s Dream:

I am only one person but I know I must and can make a difference.  I imagine countless volunteers, civic leaders and people in ministry energized and serving to their unique purpose and potential – working together to make our community a thriving place to live by building capability of those who are struggling.

I believe in ‘people helping people’ – deeply and sustainably.

Tony Aloise

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You can find LSN on-line in various ways. Each outlet has a similar intent, i.e. to present information, ideas and tools to grow personally and better serve others.

Public Content (no registration required):

  • Life skills wiki (without lesson plans and some templates).
  • Volunteer Solutions resources for individuals.
  • Links to external recommended resources such as books, bloggers and web sites.
  • Blog.  Our blog is about life, life skills, volunteering and living to our purpose and potential. The blogs are short and easy to read.
  • Social Media:
    • Live with Purpose (on Facebook).  Live to your purpose and potential.
    • Volunteer NKY (on Facebook).  Serve to your purpose and potential. Volunteer NKY is an initiative in Northern Kentucky to encourage social service volunteerism. People helping people.
    • Work & Lead (on LinkedIn).  Lead to your purpose and potential.
    • Twitter.  A rebroadcast of the “live on purpose” Facebook feed.

Note: links in green font on this site require registration and appropriate access level.

Friend-level Content (registration required):

  • Newsletter. A monthly newsletter keeps you informed about the network and life skills.  Note: if you already receive the newsletter, you must still register on this site for access to Friend-level content.

Member-level Content (contact us):

  • All of the above and
  • Lesson plans and wiki templates in Microsoft Office formats (doc, xls) for editing.
  • Volunteer Solutions toolbox, especially for Volunteer Coordinators.
  • Personal support with life skills curriculum, volunteer processes or general business planning.

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Volunteer NKY. LSN actively promotes volunteerism through community initiatives.  A group of volunteer-passionate people are collaborating to influence volunteerism in Northern Kentucky. A volunteer engagement vision, strategy and goals were developed. There are three main focus areas for 2017:

  • Retreat.  We will bring together volunteer leaders across the region to learn more about Vision, Connect and Solutions.
  • Vision.  Continue to engage organization leaders in volunteer vision and goals.
  • Connect. Host an multiple volunteer fairs at different locations.  We are also working on a process to link volunteers with “skills” to the need.
  • Solutions.  Rollout a best practices template and volunteer development playbook.

Volunteer NKY is on Facebook too.  “Like” and “share” our page to learn about local volunteer opportunities and to read volunteerism stories.

Click the file below to see our flyer.


Learning Events. Presentations and workshops are available at local organizations or upon request. A particular focus is Life Purpose; we have a lot to share on Purposeful Living, Purposeful Employment and Purposeful Volunteerism.

Click the file below to see a summary of available topics.


Volunteer Mentoring. Contact us if you are personally exploring volunteer opportunities. We are particularly interested in supporting new volunteers who want to serve the community by sustainable, capability building.

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