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Friends and Members

Thanks for being part of the Life Solutions Network. I look forward to our collaboration to develop and deliver life skills and volunteer solutions to people in need across Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Our network is comprised of new and experienced volunteers and local agency staff each of whom has their own specific focus within our common theme of “capability building”.

There are various levels of membership, all are free. You can see these levels and related content on our Home Page under the LSN Online banner.  If you are already a Friend or Member, please login to get access to our life skills and volunteer solutions toolboxes. If you want access, please register.

Note: links in green font on this site require registration and appropriate access level.

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Welcome back to the Life Solutions Network web site.  We plan to accomplish our mission by supporting each other with coaching and encouragement, recruiting people to build the toolbox and by networking and facilitating communication. These activities take place over coffee or a meal, via e-mail or phone, in local agencies and in network meetings.

Membership will mean different things to each person. Some will use the toolbox to do more impactful things as a volunteer. Some will be offer their talent to the network as an action plan owner or subject-matter content “author”. For others, the networking aspect will be enough.   Regardless of your level of involvement, you are encouraged to support your fellow members in whatever capacity you can. Get started by defining and growing you own areas of talent and passion.

Tony Aloise
Life Solutions Network Founder


The Life Solutions Network encourages and supports capability-building volunteerism and serving to our purpose and potential. LSN is not seeking volunteers; we want to support you in finding your own volunteer opportunities.


This is the idea that we can help someone or an organization make sustainable improvements. We help build capability when we use our time and talents to help others gain new knowledge, skills or just confidence. Capability building is “teaching people to fish” and offering a long-term solution. We can build capability at various levels:

  • Direct service to people in need
  • Support to organizations that provide direct service
  • Support to volunteers or professionals who serve in organizations that build capability

Take a look at our wiki page on Skill-based VolunteerismRead more on our blog.

Serving to Our Purpose and Potential

We serve to our purpose when our volunteer work aligns with our life purpose statement. We serve to our potential when we use all our skills and continue to grow.  Take a look at our Volunteer Solutions page.


Most of the current content on this web site is open to the public.  See below for content available on-line for Friends and Members.  Note that most content is available by request too.

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