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Volunteer Solutions – Link Skilled Volunteers

This page outlines a process to link skilled volunteers with the need of the social service community.  This is a pilot project of the Life Solutions Network and Volunteer NKY.


  • The current main process to leverage skilled volunteers is a pull-type process. In this model an organization communicates a need and shares it, e.g. through Volunteer Match or United Way via Board Bank.
  • Many volunteers are unclear on how to serve to their potential using their talents.  Some want to demonstrate a “resume-building volunteer experience”.

Our Plan:  Create a push-based process to enable individuals to make an offer on how they want to use their talents in Northern Kentucky.

Proposed Process:

  • Help individuals understand the push/pull options and their goals.
  • The potential volunteer submits a proposal using the template (see separate document, available upon request).
  • A sponsor is assigned. Initially this is Tony Aloise but others will be sponsors as the program grows.
  • The sponsor makes a few direct connections (with Friends of the Life Solutions Network).
  • If after two weeks, nothing is defined then communicate broadly to the Safety Net Alliance of NKY (via a SNA alert, eventually, we need to create a web page to post the offers).
  • Maintain bi-weekly communication with the potential volunteer until an assignment is agreed-upon.

What skills? There can be hundreds of skills.  The idea is to leverage special skills acquired through education or long-term work experience.  The above model provides a framework.  Here is an example of a “proposal” if you are an HR Leader:

  • Design a process for ongoing hiring of staff (or volunteers).
  • Evaluate and improve or implement a personal development process.
  • Provide training to staff on how to screen and interview volunteers.

We will work with you to develop your proposal.

Next Steps:

  • Begin some limited pilots to further learn and define the process and the need.  Contact us if you want to participate in this pilot.
  • Further engage United Way and others to avoid overlap with existing processes.