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We want to increase awareness of volunteer opportunities in the area of social service in NKY with a general goal is to create new volunteer capacity.

Background:  A group of volunteer-passionate people came together to think about how to influence volunteerism strategically and systemically. We developed an area-wide volunteer engagement vision, strategy and goals.  Click here to see the flyer and get a better understanding of the background.  The Connect initiative builds on work started in 2015.

Why This is Important:

  • Volunteerism can change the fundamental capacity for an organization to deliver its mission.


Elements of Connect:  There are three parts that extend from April – September.

  • “Why Volunteer” series of blogs from May through August shared across the Facebook community.
  • Volunteer Fair at Life Learning Center on September 8 from 2-6pm.
  • A “drive-around” Open House event in the Fall (date tbd), hours and plans are at the discretion of each participating organization.

Further Discussion:

  • Next Steps.  The Connect Team met for the first time in January.  We are working on communications, engagement of churches, businesses and schools and event details.  Subscribe to the LSN Newsletter to get monthly updates.
  • Customer and supply side.  Customers of volunteers are organizations that need them.  Suppliers of volunteers include organizations such as churches, businesses, cities and schools.
  • Why NKY?  Northern Kentucky is the hub of the Life Solutions Network.
  • Branding.  In 2015, we used the term Volunteer NKY to describe the volunteer fair event at the Life Learning Center.  In 2016, we will use this as the banner for the Vision, Connect and Solutions initiatives.