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Volunteer Solutions – For Individuals

This page brings together various resources across this web site and beyond.  The intent is simply to enable individual volunteers to think about their role and new possibilities.

Volunteer opportunities come in many forms…formal (at an organization) or informal (help a neighbor), skill-based (build a web site) or simpler things, mental (mentor, serve on a Board) or physical (build a house), social service (help the homeless) or other (environment, politics, etc.).  Whatever you choose, know that even small efforts can make the world a better place.  Choose to serve to your purpose and potential.

Why Volunteer?  The reasons to volunteer is as unique as we are.  Do it to satisfy your desires of heart, mind, body and soul.  Do it to live a life of purpose.  Do it because you know you are blessed with gifts of time and talent.

Learning Map:

  • Develop a personal Vision.  Make a list for 3-5 things that represent what your perfect volunteer assignment would look like.
  • Understand your personal Life Purpose and align your passions and potential.
  • Develop personal Goals.
  • Try new experiences.  Learn what you like about each one.  Leverage LSN in your journey.
  • Just do it!  Know that even small contributions can have an impact.

Hands Holding Around the Volunteer Concepts

Life Skills Wiki:

  • Skill-based Volunteerism.  There are many ways to volunteer to your potential.  One is to use your strengths and uncommon skills.


  • Volunteer Development Playbook.  Use the worksheets to assess your plans, prepare for an interview, deliver results and grow into new roles.

Blogs:  There are a number of significant LSN blogs to read.

Public Presentations:

  • Purposeful Volunteerism is presented at various local organizations.  Contact Tony Aloise.

On-line Resources:

Tony’s Favorite Places to Volunteer:  The following are “Valued Members” of the Life Solutions Network because their mission is capability focused.  Life skills and mentoring are core elements of their programs.