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Volunteer Solutions – For Organizations

This page shares ideas and “solutions” that might be useful to professional volunteer coordinators. Contact Tony Aloise if you want to discuss any of these topics or have a volunteer problem to solve.

We want to work with both organizations that need volunteers (customer) and those that encourage volunteerism (supplier) such as churches, businesses and school.



  • Find new volunteers (create new capacity in the community)
    • “Keep our eyes open”.
    • Volunteer NKY…leverage Facebook and blog for ongoing cultivation.
    • Proactive ambassadorship.
    • Presentations.
    • Proactive awareness…Church bulletin announcements.
    • Engage “outreach ministers” or people who encourage volunteerism.
  • Support and grow volunteers and service professionals (energized, purposeful, serving to potential)
    • Mentoring…Volunteer Assessment Tool, Life Purpose worksheet.
    • Introduce “brokering” services such as Volunteer Match, ESSC…Links on Member and Public site.
    • Introduce to member agencies via informal networking/mentoring-based matching.
    • Development plan…see Volunteer Development Playbook or Career Plan Template.
    • Leverage StrengthsFinder.
    • Offer classes…see Monthly Workshops list
    • Support “Big Thinkers”.
    • Coach people seeking reemployment to develop resume-building volunteer proposal.
    • Career coaching for agency staff (see Career Planning Worksheet).
  • Identify and address organization (customer) requirements (remove barriers to accepting skilled volunteers)
    • Develop generic position descriptions: grant writer, data manager, facility manager, research, volunteer coordinator, awareness (to match with high-level volunteers).
    • Engage in agency client volunteer encouragement, e.g. Candidates at LLC.
    • Develop a process whereby Corporations can propose a group (team) volunteer experience.

Toolbox Summary:

  • Life Skills including Leadership.  See the Life Skills Wiki.
  • Organization design…framework, example, PACE (template, training).
  • Program management…best practices framework, program plan.
  • Process documentation…process masterplan, process documentation, training for your staff.
  • Org specific examples…St Joe’s Outreach proposal, LLC Member Engagement.
  • Ambassadorship…process, training, informal, leverage LSN
  • Volunteer NKYVision, Connect, Solutions, Facebook.
  • Presentations…Purposeful Living, Working, Volunteering.
  • Volunteer development playbook…assessment tool for “fit, interview prep, development.
  • Mentoring…of volunteers, of volunteer coordinators.
  • Volunteer “dashboard”…template, LSN example.
  • Benchmarking…KNN, network synergy.
  • Role descriptions…examples, what makes a good description.