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The Volunteer Solutions toolbox is intended to share ideas and tools for individual volunteers and volunteer leaders.

Background:  This toolbox resulted from the Volunteer NKY initiative from 2014-18.  We worked with volunteer leaders from NKY to document various tools that have broad application to all non-profits.  These ideas and tools are freely available to LSN Members.  Just contact us.

Objective:  The general goals are to:

  • Find new volunteers (create new capacity in the community).
  • Support and grow volunteers and service professionals (energized, purposeful, serving to potential).
  • Identify and address organization requirements, e.g. remove barriers to accepting skilled volunteers.

Over time, we want to create a culture of sharing…people “deposit and borrow” from the toolbox.

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Other Solutions Examples:  The LSN toolbox already contains many items.  Many of these “solutions” are not on-line; contact us for more information.  Here is a partial list:

  • Process documentation…process masterplanning, process design & improvement, training.
  • Volunteer Vision…especially useful for Executive Directors.
  • Program managementbest practices framework, program planning.
  • Volunteer development playbook…assessment tool for “fit, interview prep, development plan.
  • Mentoring…of volunteers and volunteer leaders.
  • Benchmarking…Kentucky Non-Profits Network (KNN), network synergy.
  • Volunteer Leader “dashboard”…template, various examples.
  • Ambassadorship…process, training and support.
  • Role descriptions…Volunteer Program Leader, Lead Volunteer.
  • Process to link skilled volunteers.
  • Organization-specific initiatives, e.g. Member Engagement at the Life Learning Center.

Other Discussion: