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Volunteer Solutions – Lead Volunteers

This page provides information on the role of “lead volunteers”.

Most volunteer leaders seem to serve on non-profit boards.  We believe that people have hidden talents to be discovered and that volunteers should “serve to their potential”.  This opportunity can occur in any organization but may require some vision.  The development of lead volunteer roles requires an alignment between an individual and the organization.  It is a way to increase organizational capacity.

Lead volunteers can work in various contexts:

  • Within an organization (no connection to LSN).  They can lead projects, events and processes.  Here are some examples:
    • A volunteer can perform a role typically thought of as Staff.
    •  Lead a fundraising event.
    •  Be an ambassador in the community to recruit other volunteers.
  • Lead volunteer within an organization (supported by LSN).  This role applies one or more elements of the LSN toolbox to a specific organization for which the lead volunteer has a passion.  Here are some examples:
    •  A volunteer is the overall Volunteer Coordinator or Mentor Program Leader.
    •  Ownership for a specific process, e.g. mentor development or volunteer recruiting.
  • LSN Lead Volunteer across organizations.  This role applies one or more LSN tools.  Here are some examples:
    •  Facilitate Volunteer Management Best Practices assessments.
    • Train volunteer mentors using the Mentor for Purpose toolbox.

Supporting Documents: