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This page introduces the Greater Cincinnati Mentor Leadership Alliance.  Participation in the Alliance is intended for organizations that have or want to develop a mentor program.


The Alliance was started in late 2018 as a way to share ideas and resources across organizations that mentor people in need.  Our mission is to “elevate and expand capacity for social service focused mentoring in Greater Cincinnati”.  Today, about 30 local non-profit mentoring organizations participate.

Alliance Vision:

  • All mentoring organizations are thriving and at peak capacity.
  • Our communities are stronger because our programs impact mentees deeply.

Alliance Mission:

  • We elevate and expand capacity for social service focused mentoring in Greater Cincinnati.


  • Social service-focused mentoring…serving people in need (not career mentoring for professionals)
  • All ages…adult, teen, youth
  • Mentor Program Leaders (inc. Executive Directors, Volunteer Managers and “key” mentors).
  • We equip and educate through self-service use of a shareable on-line toolbox, workshops and 1:1 coaching.

Why be a Member?

Key Documents:

Further Information:

  • Any organization or individual that encourages mentoring to people in need can be a member.  There is no cost.  No registration is needed but eventually, we will ask that you participate in our Member Agreement process.
  • A Mentor Program Leader may be a full-time or part-time role.  It may be a paid staff position or a volunteer role.  There may be multiple people who provide leadership including the executive director, a mentor leader role and/or key volunteers.
  • Some organizations benefit from the support of a national organization but most do not.  This Alliance is especially helpful to the smaller organizations because we encourage sharing of talent and other resources.
  • The Life Solutions Network sponsors the Alliance.  We provide time and energy, web site, newsletter and more.