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Volunteer NKY

Volunteer NKY is a movement to encourage social service volunteerism in Northern Kentucky.  People helping people is our tagline.

This movement started in 2015 when the Life Solutions Network hosted its first volunteer fair at the Life Learning Center. It was a small event that prompted bigger thinking.  A group of volunteer-passionate people from across Northern Kentucky came together in the Fall of 2015 to consider how to systemically influence social service volunteerism. The team’s goal was to enhance the good work already done by individual local organizations. The outcome was the development of a volunteer engagement vision, strategy and goals.


  • We build a more vibrant and engaged NKY by easily connecting people of all ages and all walks of life with opportunities to serve.
  • We are all in it together, everyone makes the world a better place in their own unique way.
  • People volunteer to their purpose, passion and potential.

Hands Holding Around the Volunteer Concepts

The work has evolved from planning to action; teams are now guiding three initiatives collectively called Volunteer NKY (Vision, Connect and Solutions). Volunteer NKY is in its 3rd year and is making progress; even bigger plans have been made.  We are:

  • Hosting 3 volunteer fairs at various locations.
  • Developing a process to link skilled volunteers and service learners to needs.
  • Creating a Speaker’s Bureau.
  • Hosting a “retreat” for volunteer leaders to include networking and best practices learning.
  • Continuing to rollout the Volunteer Vision process and Best Practices tool.

The regional team is influencing volunteerism strategically and systemically, complementing the work of local organizations that need volunteers.  The movement is driven by volunteers and volunteer professional from across the region. Partners include Mentoring Plus, Brighton Center, St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Women’s Crisis Center, Welcome House and the Life Learning Center.

The Vision work seeks to engage organization leaders in volunteer vision and goals. Involvement and support of top leadership can be a “game changer”. Our plan is to work with organizations that need volunteers (local agencies) as well those who can encourage volunteerism (schools, churches, businesses).

The Connect work seeks to “connect” people in the community to local organizations than need volunteers. In 2017 it includes three volunteer fairs.

The Solutions work will build a shareable toolbox for volunteer coordinators and individuals. Best Practices for volunteer leaders and a “volunteer development playbook” for individuals are two projects that have been completed. The Best Practices tool provides a framework for program assessment and improvement.  The Playbook helps people find the best fit consistent with their purpose and needs.

Open the file below to see or download our flyer.



Both parts of the LSN mission feature volunteerism and Volunteer NKY is our way to offer value back to the community.  The work started small but grows each year.  There are many active members thinking, planning and executing various ideas as outlined in the flyer above.